10 best free HTML5 templates

How were these selected? The following list of 10 FREE HTML5 templates are ones we personally like and would use on any of our sites. I like simple, elegant designs. I was on the lookout for features like: Responsive design Parallax effects Ghost buttons Easy-to-customize So, without further ado, let's have a look at which... Continue Reading →

Top 6 free WordPress backup plugins

Creating and managing websites is very simple and easy nowadays, with many online services that let you create websites quickly. WordPress is the world's most popular content management system to create websites and blogs, if you want a simple blog you can start a free blog at WordPress.com, . But if you are a power... Continue Reading →

Explore WordPress free theme options

You probably already have a good picture in your head of what a WordPress theme is. But have you ever specifically considered the intended purpose of a theme, or why themes were introduced way back in WordPress 1.5? WordPress.org describes a theme like so: "Fundamentally, the WordPress theme system is a way to 'skin' your... Continue Reading →

15 Websites for Free Design Resources

1. Dribbble 2. Behance 3. DB Freebies 4. DeviantArt 5. FlatIcon 6. Iconfinder 7. Icon Deposit 8. Brands of the World 9. Freebiesbug 10. Freepik 11. FreeVectors 12. 1001 Free Downloads 13. 365PSD 14. GraphicBurger 15. CSS Author Thinking about design freebies and resources, your mind wanders back to your internship days when you never... Continue Reading →

21 best free WordPress themes

The WordPress community is big. Really big. We're talking thousands of designers and developers, tens of thousands of writers, and millions of users, all contributing to pushing WordPress forward. And one very popular way to do this is designing and developing free WordPress themes. 01. Hamilton Don't throw away your shot at using this free... Continue Reading →

12 sets of free icons

Icons are a critical element of UI design and as important a part of your web project as web fonts, but creating custom icons for each project is rarely practical as it's so time-consuming. On the other hand, finding those hidden treasures in a pool of tens of thousands of free icons also takes time.... Continue Reading →

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