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10 free training resources for Creative Cloud

Even if you think you know all you need to know about a piece of software, you can always know more. So when you relate that to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which is a collection of incredibly complex applications including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and After Effects CC, then the lessons we can still learn are plentiful.

01. Adobe TV

Adobe TV is the company’s online video resource for expert instruction and inspiration, which includes a large library of CC training. Here you’ll find information on the basics like product download, how to get up and running quickly, and activation, as well as multiple tutorials on each application featured in Creative Cloud.

02. Adobe

When you sign up to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite, not only are you getting all the tools you need to develop your artistic skills, you also gain access to a growing library of useful video tutorials to help you explore new tools and master each application.

03. Greyscalegorilla

Cinema 4D resource Greyscalegorilla might not seem like an obvious site to visit for Creative Cloud training. However, it does offer free training on using Cinema 4D Lite and Cineware, both of which are integrated into After Effects CC. So, if you’re looking to make the move into 3D, this is a great place to get started.

04. Cineversity

Maxon, the maker of 3D software Cinema 4D, also runs Cineversity, a blog that has a selection of free tutorials on using Cinema 4D Lite and Cineware with After Effects. To find them in amongst the noise, refine the search by expanding the Utilizes menu and selecting Adobe After Effects.

05. Larry Jordan

With over 35 years of experience as a television producer, director and editor, Larry Jordan shares his knowledge on Premiere Pro CC with the world in a series of helpful video tutorials in the professional editing software. He also hosts regular one-hour webinars in the application for a fixed fee of $19.99.

06. Creative Cow

Creative Cow is a peer-to-peer support community. It’s full of news, tutorials and information, all aimed at the creative community. And hidden amongst this wealth of resources are some useful, free Premiere Pro and After Effects CC tutorials, taken by Adobe certified instructor Andrew Devis and senior editor Kevin P McAuliffe respectively.

07. Layers Magazine

The ‘how-to magazine for everything Adobe’, Layers, has some helpful Creative Cloud tutorials available for free. Here you can learn how to create QR codes in InDesign CC as well as discover new features in Photoshop CC, courtesy of Rafael Concepcion, an education and curriculum developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

08. Photoshop Training Channel

Hosted by graphic designer and web developer Jesus Ramirez, the Photoshop Training Channel currently has a selection of useful Photoshop CC video tutorials, highlighting new features and how to use them. Here you can discover how to heal images with the Spot Removal tool, master radial filters and much more.

09. Adobe Creative Cloud TV with Terry White

Terry White has been with Adobe for over 15 years and has extensive knowledge of its software. An Adobe certified expert, here he’s posted multiple podcasts on the Creative Cloud applications. As well as tutorials, White also offers helpful advice and tips to ensure you get the most of out of the tools in Creative Cloud.

10. Computer Arts at Creative Bloq

Leading magazine for designers Computer Arts has a selection of Creative Cloud resources available on its website – which is right here on Creative Bloq. As well as covering the new features in Illustrator CC, it also looks as what the suite means for professional and hobbyist designers, and supplies opinion pieces on the update, with views from creatives all over the world.


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