15 Websites for Free Design Resources

Thinking about design freebies and resources, your mind wanders back to your internship days when you never had enough time to come up with a decent design.

Where you had to scour the entire internet for high-quality royalty free images because those were all the resources you had available to work with.

Often, they fall short of your demands, and you have to settle for a design you could have made a lot better if only you had the right designer resources in hand.

It does not do justice to the design you already had in mind.

Luckily, I’ve solved half your problem and compiled a list of the best 15 Websites for Free Design Resources and Freebies.

1. Dribbble

Dribbble Free Design Resources - 15 Websites for Free Design Resources

Dribbble is a very popular website which has a freebie tag associated with it.

But many good designs don’t have this tag, so you have to look carefully to find beautiful designs which aren’t always tagged.

Dribbble, however, limits searching for only the past 2-3 months’ worth of designs. But that doesn’t matter, as new designs are updated on Dribbble almost daily.

Dribbble no doubt contains some of the best quality of freebies.

2. Behance

Behance is a renowned name amongst every designer.

It’s an online community where people share their portfolios hoping to catch the eye of real clients.

The designers in Behance are more than willing to share their knowledge and any external graphic design resources they have linked to their work.

Considering the enormous fan following Behance has, it makes it an excellent source to understand what tools and resources your favourite designers used in their work.

3. DB Freebies

So now you know about freebies available on Dribbble, and I just told you that Behance also has designers that release freebies.

Did you know that there’s a website called DB Freebies, which collects and showcases a gallery of Dribbble and Behance freebies stacked together?

It’s an ever growing collection with more than a thousand freebies updated almost daily.

You can find EPS vectors for Illustrator, PSD mockups for Photoshop, fonts, and other such material by filtering the categories in your search.


4. DeviantArt

Free Design Resources on Deviantart - 15 Websites for Free Design Resources

DeviantArt is ideal for references, as it’s one of the largest art galleries on the web.

DeviantArt also contains references, freebies, and useful UI design resources, including vectors as well.

While it can certainly be a little chaotic, it does have a search bar which you can use to navigate among the things you have in mind.

You can search according to categories and view the art and designs according to your preferences.

5. FlatIcon

FlatIcon, like its name indicated, is a great online resource to search for flat icons.

They have around 70,000 icons on their website and probably the largest database of free vector icons.

Not only they have a large source where you can choose a lot of icons, but they also contain other features which you’ll no doubt love.

If you use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effects, then you can also use the free FontIcon plugin so that you can use and have direct access to all the icons in their database.


6. Iconfinder

Free Graphic Design Resources Freebies - 15 Websites for Free Design Resources

Iconfinder, again as the name indicates, is for finding the perfect icons for your designs.

It’s the primary website I visit in search of simple images. Many are available for free as well.

You can define the category you want to search for and find many icons suitable for your needs.

It’s very convenient with a simple layout which is very user-friendly and easy to work around with.

7. Icon Deposit

Icon Deposit is not only for icons, even if it does bear a focus on it.

It can be used for just about any type of freebie; from buttons, mobile app UIs, buttons, mockup posters, tabloids, and brochures are just a part of its collection.

They’re submitted by designers all over the world. It’s like one of those social communities like Reddit where users, or in this case artists, can share their freebies with other designers around the world as well.

Members can “like” a freebie and upvote it. You can sort out categories based on the most popular icons based on the votes.

Icon Deposit is a great website to share any design freebie and is intended specifically for the convenience of the users.

8. Brands of the World

Branding Freebies Graphic Design - 15 Websites for Free Design Resources

When you’re working at a corporate level, you need the best quality logs and vectors, and you cannot copy the low-quality logo which they have on their website or any other grainy image as well.

Brands of the World is the perfect website to visit when it comes to high-resolution vectors and logos.

You can find pretty much everything here as well as view the portfolios of all the great brands and designers.

You don’t have to sit around and just wait for your client to email you a logo when you have Brands of the World and waste precious time on a project.

You also gain plus points for your research skills and impressing your clients as well.

9. Freebiesbug

Freebiesbug has a very straightforward and easy layout with quick assessing navigation links located in the sidebar.

It contains content ranging from free fonts, code snippets, PSD files as well as Illustrator files. It’s probably one of the best websites for web/UI designers.

It is colour coded for each category, and each new resource is catalogued in a unique and orderly fashion.

10. Freepik

Freepik calls itself “the leading search engine of free vector designs.”

It was created to help you find different logos, vectors, illustrations, and PSD files to use in your design.

There are literally around hundreds of free vectors which are uploaded on Freepik on a daily basis.

Freepik was the very first sites I came across, and it has helped me find a lot of good stuff for my design which I re-edit for a better fit.

It’s perfect for people who are just starting out on design.

11. FreeVectors

Free Vectors Design Resources - 15 Websites for Free Design Resources

If you are a vector freak like me, then you’ll love FreeVectors.

It’s a full community which consists of other vector lovers who like to share their free vectors with everyone.

You can view the vectors according to their updates. Most recent ones will appear on top.

All the vectors uploaded here are free for personal use, and most of them are free for commercial purposes as well.

12. 1001 Free Downloads

1001 Free Downloads is another one of those websites you happened to stumble upon and were glad you did, because it’s another website which makes things incredibly convenient for designers, especially newbies.

It searches the web for the best quality royalty-free images for you.

It contains in-house UX design resources as well, like thousands of high-quality fonts, gradients, brushes and PSD files. It never takes long to find exactly what you’re looking for.

13. 365PSD

365PSD has been around on the website for over six years. It’s one of the older galleries for freebie archives out there.

It contains almost everything from buttons to icons, to typical web elements. You have a seemingly endless base of Vectors and PSD files at your disposal.

This website is especially perfect for application and web designers.

14. GraphicBurger

Free Graphic Design Resources 2016 - 15 Websites for Free Design Resources

GraphicBurger has a friendly, interactive and conversational tone about its website.

The site claims to satisfy your hunger of design and fulfil your craving with its juicy designs available for free.

Look through the long list of designs until one manages to catch your eye. All the designs contained in GraphicBurger are free for both commercial and personal use, as that its aim.

15. CSS Author

CSS Author is also one of the leading online providers of free resources for graphic designing and web designing.

The website also contains a blog devoted to providing you with relevant tutorials and articles for fellow designers and developers and that’s what it’s known well for.

Apart from that, it has a big storehouse of graphical freebies and resources, coupled with mock-up designs, greeting samples, UI design kits, web templates, vector graphics and illustrations, greetings, wallpapers, and a lot more.


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